Tire Services

Getting from point A to point B relies heavily on the health of your vehicle's tires. Without proper care and maintenance, you may become limited to what you can do and where you can go. Not only will your ability to come and go as you please be limited, but also your safety. Earl Copeland Auto Services provides the tire services you need to get where you need to go safe and sound.

Sings That You May Need a Tire Service

Unusual Vibrations or Thumping Noises

Vibration or thumping noises can indicate that your tires are out of balance, have a separated belt, or have lost their tread.

Pulling to One Side

If you experience a pull to one side while driving, your vehicle may have a damaged or deflated tire on one side, poor wheel alignment, or a breaking problem.

Wear On the Edge of a Tire

Uneven wear on tires could be due to unaligned wheels.

Why You Should Consider a Wheel Alignment Service

Vehicles with unaligned wheels could face uneven tire wear, difficulty steering, and abnormal fuel usage. Given the following problems that could result from unaligned wheels, we recommend that you come in to have your wheels aligned and adjusted when you install new tires or experience unusual steering problems.

Why You Should Consider a Wheel Balancing Service

Properly balanced wheels minimize uneven wear on tires, extending their life. To ensure the longest life of your tires and for the best car performance, we recommend that you come in for a wheel balancing service when you experience vibrations after installing new tires or have previously repaired your tires.

Earl Copeland Auto Services Provides

  • Wheel Alignment Services
  • Wheel Balancing Services
  • Tire Rod Replacement and Repair Services
  • C.V Axle Replacement and Repair Services
  • Wheel Bearing Replacement and Repair Service

Need a service? Contact Earl Copeland at (229) 469-4739 for a quote or come stop by our shop on 1003 Williams Street Valdosta, GA 31601